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Our goal is simple; to get the right policy for you and your family.


Have your personal circumstances changed since you first said ‘No’ to insurance or since you first took out your insurance policy all those years ago?

If there has been a special event in your life then it’s time you reviewed your policy to make sure you’re covered.
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Why work with us

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that each and every year you’ve got quality insurance in place at competitive prices


We wont sell you insurance that you don’t need but at the same time, we will not under-insure you so if, or when, the unplanned or unexpected happens you are not caught out.

A range of options
At Saving Kiwis we provide you with a range of insurance solutions with many of New Zealand’s largest providers.
We make it easy
We will help you with the paperwork and will also undertake an annual review to make sure the insurance is still relevant and at the best price.

Types of insurance

Insurance helps us to get through an unexpected, unplanned or traumatic event. We’ll help cover you across a range of important life areas. We’ll help you navigate the various conditions and details that apply for each type of cover.


pays a lump sum for an agreed dollar amount. For example $500,000 in the event of death. It can be paid out up to 12 months earlier if a terminal illness is diagnosed.

Trauma/Critical Illness

pays a lump sum in the case of a specified illness or trauma. Examples can include heart attack, stroke and cancer. These are defined in the policy.


Helps to pay the bills should you require medical attention. It could be anything from the cost of a GP to $30,000 worth of surgery.

Mortgage Protection

Covers your mortgage payments for you should you not be able to work due to injury, accident or illness.

Income Protection

Pays an agreed value or percentage of your income (typically 75%) if you are unable to work due to injury or illness.

Total and Permanent Disability

Pays a lump sum if you experience significant trauma or illness on a permanent basis such as loss of limb or sight.

House, Contents and Car

Helps by paying out to so that you will able to replace or repair your lost or damaged items.

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